Cranio-maxillo-facial Surgery

Close-up of instruments for cranio-maxillo-facial surgery

Cranio-maxillo-facial surgery treat injuries or deformities of the face, jaw, mouth and oral cavity. Plastic surgery or dental surgery can play a role in such cases. Reconstruction in all regions of the face, from the cranium to the midfacial region and jaw/mouth, including the oral cavity must be covered. Multiple implants and special instruments must be available for these procedures. DIMEDA supports all applications with state-of-the-art technology.

Surgical instruments from DIMEDA for cranio-maxillo-facial surgery

Maxillofacial surgery, including cranial surgery, encompasses a wide range which incorporates many specialised surgical fields. Maxillofacial surgery can involve surgical procedures such as bone and soft tissue surgery which require the use of multiple surgical instruments.

At DIMEDA, you will find everything you need for your surgical procedures. From basic insturments and fracture plating instruments to special instruments for titanium osteosynthesis, we offer them. With our high demands for quality when manufacturing our surgical instruments, our goal is to support your perfection. Our worldwide customers rely on the premium-quality of DIMEDA products. Become a customer and benefit from our many years of experience in developing surgical instruments for maxillofacial surgery.

Special instruments for maxillofacial surgery

High precision surgical procedures involving the facial region requires special tools. DIMEDA provides not only basic insturments and basic instruments for bone surgery but also sturdy implant systems in various sizes for the treatment of complex bone structures in the facial, mouth and jaw region. Titanium implants offer excellent compatibility and a high level of durability. The use of titanium protects the tissue and reduces the risk of infections. In addition to implants for cranium reconstruction, you will also find Zygoma plates or orbital plates for surgery in the midfacial region as well as mandible plates for maxillofacial surgery.

Special instruments for maxillofacial surgery available at DIMEDA include, for example, bending irons, screwdrivers, screwdriver blades and depth gauges. Plate cutting pliers and twist drill bits are also available. These are just a few examples from our portfolio for cranio-maxillofacial surgery. DIMEDA offers solutions in all surgical fields. Request our catalogue today and discover the product assortment from DIMEDA.

Uncompromising quality – DIMEDA instruments for cranio-maxillofacial surgery

With over 40 years of experience in the field of medical technology, DIMEDA is your competent partner for all of your questions regarding surgical instruments. Through constant collaboration with experts in all surgical fields, DIMEDA ensures that all of its instruments meet the highest demands. Continuous quality inspections guarantee excellent functionality, completely reliable applications and optimal hygienic properties.

We also want to support you in the fields of maxillofacial and cranial surgery. Our instruments and implants meet the newest standards. You can also find surgical instruments for dental and plastic surgery listed on the pages for the respective categories. Try out our premium-quality special instruments and judge for yourself. At DIMEDA, you will find what you are searching for.