Close-up of a device and instruments for electrosurgery

Instruments for Electrosurgery from DIMEDA

DIMEDA offers an extensive portfolio of new and innovative products in the field of electrosurgery. We provide the right instrument for every application. Our devices and surgical instruments feature excellent reliability and safety. Thanks to the high-quality standards, our customers are satisfied all across the world.

In addition to monopolar and bipolar surgical instruments used in electrosurgery, our product assortment includes the necessary accessories for the argon plasma coagulation. We not only provide the instruments and devices, but we also offer additional premium products such as connecting cables, various footswitches and handles as well as neutral electrodes. Discover DIMEDA quality!

Electrosurgical processes have become indispensable in operating rooms. Electrosurgery or high-frequency surgery are among the standard methods of conventional and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Tissue can be safely removed while at the same time, the bleeding is stopped. Monopolar electrosurgery has become the most common form.

The patient is placed on a large-scale neutral electrode. Current flows from the electrosurgical instrument through the body to the neutral electrode. In the bipolar application, current flows only through a small part of the tissue from a bipolar instrument to a second one. Common applications are microsurgery and neurosurgery.

DIMEDA provides all the instruments you need for successful electrosurgical treatment or operation.

DIMEDA – modern demands on electrosurgery

Modern surgery poses increasingly higher demands on medical technology. Innovative technologies and instruments are required, which allow for hygienic and effective procedures. In particular, minimally invasive, microsurgical and neurosurgical procedures demand safe and high-precision methods to dissect tissue and stop bleeding quickly and effectively.

Electrosurgery plays a decisive role. DIMEDA provideselectrosurgical devices and high-frequency instruments that were developed according to the most up-to-date quality standards. Whether cutting or coagulating, with the electrosurgical devices from DIMEDA, the proper current can be selected for every application.

Innovative solutions for electrosurgery

DIMEDA offers high-frequency devices for various surgical applications. Especially with laparoscopic processes or oral surgery, highly safe techniques are essential. Bipolar instruments are frequently used in these fields since the current flows only through a small part of the tissue. The risk of tissue burns is low since the current is unlikely to escape the path of the electrical current. HF-devices provide high-frequency alternating current that enables cutting and haemostasis thanks to the thermal effect. With the connecting cables, bipolar scissors, bipolar forceps as well asbipolar scanning electrodes can be operated in this manner. A trolley is available to transport all of the electrosurgical devices from DIMEDA safely.

For diffuse bleeding, DIMEDA also offers accessories for argon plasma coagulation. The current generated from the high-frequency devices is used to ionize argon gas, which is then directed to the tissue to be coagulated. The bleeding on large surfaces bleeding can be stopped. DIMEDA provides the necessary accessories such as agron probes, connecting cables and gas regulators. Update yourelectrosurgical instrumentation today with the highly developed instruments from DIMEDA Surgical Instruments!