Close-up of plates and screws for osteosynthesis

Premium-quality instruments for orthopaedics from DIMEDA

For use in orthopaedics, we offer premium-quality and robust instruments that meet all the demands. In addition to general orthopaedic instruments, we providemicromotor systems, and surgical power tools such as diMAGNI5 power tools. The broad assortment of DIMEDA offers the right tool for any work area.

We aim to support you and your patients with innovative technological solutions. We work closely together with surgeons from the corresponding specialised fields to develop our medical technology. Therefore, we know in advance the demands placed on orthopaedic instruments. All of our instruments are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards. Our precision craftsmanship, excellent functionality, and outstanding reliability have impressed customers all across the globe.

Besides orthopaedic instruments, DIMEDA also provides the corresponding implant systems. The product assortment contains stainless steel implants and titanium implants divided into large fragment systems, small fragment systems and mini fragment systems. Orthopaedics require particularly sturdy instruments that enable procedures that are gentle on the tissue. Rust-free steel and titanium minimise the risk of infections and promote healing.

Benefit from our 40 years of experience. Since the seventies, we have supplied our customers with premium-quality and robust instruments for all surgical fields. Learn more about our many special tools and power tools in the category ‘Orthopaedic instruments and implants’ and find the right work utensils for your purposes.

Orthopaedic instruments and implants for osteosynthis

Besides the basic instruments that should be a part of every operation room, the surgical instrument portfolio from DIMEDA contains all the standard orthopaedic instruments from elevators and retractors to bone forceps and bone rongeurs and hammers. No matter what instruments you need, DIMEDA will provide you with the right solution. You will also find a variety of implant systems that are compatible with the orthopaedic instruments.

Kirschner wires, bones screws, hip implants, locking plate systems and much more are available. All implants are manufactured according to state-of-the-art technology and tested for functionality and durability. Our quality management ensures that you only receive the highest quality products that meet all standards.

Surgery involving the musculoskeletal system poses special requirements for the material properties of the implants. Repositioning and fixation of bones, muscles and tendons must be gentle on the tissues but yet stable and durable. Therefore, all implants should exhibit a high degree of biocompatibility while not posing any irritations. For osteosynthesis, implants made of pure titanium are exceptionally suitable since they are completely corrosion resistant. Furthermore, the risk of allergic reactions is extremely low.

Titanium implants can be adjusted to the bones and anatomical circumstances. Thanks to their elastic properties, they can be formed and shaped, making them beneficial in complicated repositioning procedures. DIMEDA provides all the orthopaedic instruments you need for titanium osteosynthesis.

Orthopaedic instruments and implant systems

With the orthopaedic instruments and implant systems from DIMEDA, you can achieve perfection. The highest material quality and precise craftsmanship are the hallmarks of our products. At DIMEDA, you will find special tools, power tools and implants for all orthopaedic operations.