Surgical instruments

Close-up of instruments for general surgery

The surgical instruments from DIMEDA – Quality at its best

At DIMEDA, you will find surgical instruments for all surgical applications. For over 40 years, we have supplied customers all across the globe with our first-class surgical instruments.

As a leading manufacturer of medical technology, we continuously develop new solutions to support you in your work. In cooperation with surgeons in all speciality fields, we determine the requirements made by the medical industry for surgical instruments used in the various disciplines. We apply this knowledge to develop top-quality medical instruments.

In addition to over 23,000 basic instruments, we also provide special instruments for neurosurgery, thoracic and vascular, bone surgery as well as for dental surgery and die plastic surgery. We also offer a variety of surgical instruments for minimally invasive procedures and modern technologies for high-frequency surgical procedures. Discover the tried and proven reliability and premium-quality of the products from DIMEDA.

DIMEDA provides quality instruments from Tuttlingen, the world centre for medical technology. Feel free to contact us. We will gladly assist you with our innovative technological solutions!

Superior reliability and optimal functionality

The surgical instrument portfolio from DIMEDA offers over 23,000 basic instruments to complete the instrumentation in many operating rooms. Various sizes and designs of the individual instruments allow you to select the right instrument to support you in your unique operating method.

All of our instruments are manufactured with utmost precision and meet the highest quality standards. Our outstanding quality management system enables us to ensure that only premium-quality products reach our customers. Longevity and optimum functionality are the hallmarks of our products.

Among the basic instruments, you will find scalpels and scalpel blades in various models. We also provide a broad selection of surgical scissors, surgical forceps and hemostatic forceps for diverse applications.

Furthermore, we provide irrigating instruments and surgical suction devices with corresponding accessories. No matter what challenges you face in the operating room, DIMEDA provides the right instrument. Non-slip handles ensure convenient and safe handling in every situation. Take your work to the next level with the highly-developed and reliable surgical instruments from DIMEDA.

Special surgical instruments from DIMEDA

In addition to basic instrumentation, DIMEDA offers a wide range of special instruments for various disciplines of surgery. For orthopaedics, we offer a broad selection of instruments and power tools that meet the high demands of bone surgery. Besides the premium-quality endoscopes for minimally invasive procedures, we provide the necessary accessories such as trolleys, suspension devices and transport boxes.

Our portfolio also features cutting-edge devices for electrosurgery that ensure safe operation using the newest technologies. Our special surgical instruments for dental and maxillofacial surgery contain a series of highly-developed implant systems to help you achieve outstanding reconstructive results for all jaw and facial regions.

DIMEDA aims to support you and your patients with premium-quality medical technology. Benefit from our 40 years of experience in development and design and put your trust in the innovative technologies of our surgical instruments.