Close-up of black scissors and clamps for surgical procedures

diBLACK-LINE – the new generation of surgical instruments from DIMEDA

With the diBLACK-LINE, DIMEDA Instrumente offers a new generation of surgical instruments with improved properties in regards to longevity and resistance. In collaboration with surgeons and scientists, we continue to develop our surgical instruments further.

In doing so, we ensure that all DIMEDA instruments can meet the daily demands operating room. The new diBLACK-LINE series from DIMEDA is characterised by exceptional hardness, high scratch-resistance and outstanding corrosion resistance. All DIMEDA BLACK-LINE instruments also feature excellent tissue compatibility and optimal cleaning properties.

Customers all around the world put their trust in the reliability of the surgical instruments from DIMEDA. With the new generation of instruments, we aim to boost the robustness and longevity of the instruments and improve their handling in the operating room. Thanks to our BLACK LINE instruments, we have achieved just that. Find the right instruments for your specific discipline and benefit from the outstanding properties of the new DIMEDA instruments.

All the advantages of the new DIMEDA instrument series

Daily use in the operating room, constant handling and multiple daily cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation processes – Surgical instruments must be exceptionally resilient to damage to meet the demands of everyday use and conditioning processes. The new generation of DIMEDA instruments features a premium-quality coating that lends the instruments exceptional hardness and resistance. The new DIMEDA instruments are highly scratch and wear-resistant and are resistant to acids, alkalies, and other solvents. They are completely non-corrosive.

In our broad portfolio of surgical instruments, you will find all versions of vessel clips, a variety of microsurgical instruments such as needle holders, forceps, and scissors as well as instruments for thoracic surgery, for example, rib spreaders or sternum retractors. DIMEDA instruments with the BLACK-LINE hardness coating are biocompatible and absolute wear-resistant. In addition, the black surface prevents the reflection of light which minimisesexcessive glare under the operating room lamps.

diBLACK-LINE – DIMEDA instruments with PVD coating

The new generation of DIMEDA instruments features a premium-quality PVD coating with exceptional hardening properties. PVD stands for physical vapour deposition. With this process, thin layers are applied to the instrument using vacuum technology. Depending on the composition of the gases and metals used, the properties of the layers can be adapted to the individual requirements. The coating of the BLACK-LINE series was designed for hardness, resistance and complete biocompatibility. Furthermore, the layers of the new DIMEDA instruments are antimicrobial and prevent corrosion.

PVD coatings lend surgical instruments extreme hardness. Thanks to the black decorative design of the new BLACK LINE, the instruments are completely glare-free. All DIMEDA instruments feature outstanding cleaning properties and are corrosion-resistant and sterilisable. Discover the premium quality of DIMEDA medical technology from Tuttlingen. We continue to provide you with the newest developments and technologies. Get the most out of your work with DIMEDA.