Close-up of laryngoscopes in various designs

Laryngoscopes from DIMEDA – Surgical Instruments

Innovative Design and optimum light quality are the hallmarks of the laryngoscopes from DIMEDA. Whether as an intubation aide before anaesthesia or to examine and clear airways in an emergency – the rigid laryngoscopes are constant aides in medical practices and clinics. DIMEDA offers conventional laryngoscopes in various sizes and designs. The premium-quality materials and precise craftsmanship promise the highest level of reliability. The replaceable blades ensure optimal treatment of every patient. Cold light and warm light laryngoscopes are available.

Focused light sources facilitate the endotracheal intubation prior to surgical procedures. Evaluation of the vocal cords in the case of speech impairments or the examination of anatomical anomalies with difficulties swallowing can be conducted with laryngoscopes. DIMEDA provides instruments for use with newborns, children and adults. An optimised balance ensures safe handling in every situation.

DIMEDA Laryngoscope – special features

The laryngoscopes from DIMEDA feature the highest level of quality and functionality. They consist of handles, blades and light sources. They are available as sets with the standard blade sizes and as individual components. The blade attachments can be exchanged as needed depending on the anatomical requirements of the patient. Cool or warm light laryngoscopes are available. They feature rechargeable batteries that can be regenerated at the corresponding charging station.

The laryngoscope handles can be selected in various lengths and thicknesses. An optimal balance enables the instrument to be guided safely and precisely. Special grooved or roughened surfaces lend the handles outstanding gripping and non-slip properties. The cool light laryngoscopes feature integrated light sources in the handles.

Macintosh or Miller blades are the blades primarily used in laryngoscopes. Both types are available in various sizes and widths. While the anatomically shaped Macintosh blades are frequently used for older children and adults for intubation, the straight Miller blades are suitable for newborns and small children. The Macintosh attachments are especially well-suited for the anatomy of the oral cavity region. While protecting the vagus nerve, the blades are inserted into the right side of the oral cavity to push the tongue to the side. The Miller blades reach under the epiglottis and lifts it.

State-of-the-art lamp technology ensures optimal illumination the of region to be examined. With the warm-light laryngoscopes, a small light bulb is inserted into the blade while the light source for the cold-light models is integrated into the handle. Replacement lamps and additional light guides are available.

Laryngoscopes to meet high demands

We always adhere to the highest quality standards when manufacturing our laryngoscopes. The comfort of our patients is of utmost importance. The surgical steel components are made of corrosion-free materials and can be easily cleaned and undergo sterilisation cycles without becoming damaged. Optimal hygiene is always guaranteed. The collapsible and removable constructions provide space-saving storage.

In addition to laryngoscopes, DIMEDA also offers flexible endoscopes for nasopharyngolaryngoscopy, which feature an additional work channel for surgical instruments. These instruments can be used to remove samples from the throat area. At DIMEDA, you will find the right laryngoscope to suit your needs!