Sterilisation containers

Close-up of Sterilisation Containers by Dimeda Surgical Instruments

Sterilisation containers from DIMEDA – Surgical Instruments

For the sterilisation of surgical instruments in medical practices and clinics, DIMEDA offers a large selection of sterilisation containers in various models. Customers all around the world have put their trust in our premium-quality products. Reliability and durability are hallmarks of our medical products.

Whether transport, storage, cleaning and disinfection or sterilisation, with the assortment from DIMEDA you will find the right container for your instruments. By implementing the sterilisation container systems, you contribute to the longevity of your surgical devices and instruments. In addition to sterilisation containers, we also provide trays in various sizes and other useful accessories such as towels and tensions clips, silicone mats and labels.

In the sterilisation process, germs are destroyed through heat and pressure by generating steam. In medical and veterinary practices and clinics, this process is an important step to be performed following the use of an instrument to guarantee optimal hygiene. The sterilisation containers from DIMEDA meet all of the sterilisation requirements. Special safety containers feature valve systems that provide pressure compensation. Safe handling is guaranteed at all times.

All sterilisation containers from DIMEDA Surgical Instruments are suitable for professional use. The premium-quality craftsmanship makes them sturdy, reliable and safe. The sterility of the surgical instruments is maintained while stored even after the sterilisation process. Easy and convenient handling ensures stress-free and effective work procedures. Thanks to the separating plates and inlay mats, the instruments can be organised systematically.

Large product selection of sterilisation containers from DIMEDA

Our sterilisation containers are available in various models. We offer large containers with dimensions of 580 x 280 mm as well as small containers with dimensions of 300 x 140 mm. In addition, we offer many intermediate sizes and special sizes. The heights of the containers vary from 40 mm to 160 mm. Sterilisation containers and lids are available in perforated or solid models. All lids can be selected in the colours silver, gold, red, green, blue or black, thus, enabling the optimal organization of your instruments. To hygienically transport your instruments following their use, in addition to the containers, DIMEDA offers trays in various sizes. All containers and trays are made of rust-free and robust stainless steel.

Separating plates, filters, cotton towels with the corresponding tension clips, silicone mats and labels and indicator paper are all available for the containers. This ensures a successful sterilisation process every time.

Dental Container from DIMEDA

Whether for medical practices or clinics, sterilisation containers can be used in many areas of the medical field. DIMEDA offers special dental containers for the sterilisation of dental instruments in dental practices. These containers feature standard sizes that all fit in smaller autoclaves. Separating plates are also available to facilitate the organisation of dental tools. Thanks to their practical shape, these containers promise hygienic and optimal handling.

DIMEDA sterilisation containers comply with all requirements and quality standards for sterile goods packaging. Lightweight, excellent drying properties, and perfect organisational options thanks to the coloured identification are further attributes that make these containers outstanding.