Veterinary Surgery

Capture of dog, cat, mouse, and hamster

High-quality instruments from DIMEDA for veterinary surgery

The well-being of animals also plays a major role for DIMEDA. Therefore, we offer customers from all over the world the appropriate surgical instruments for veterinary surgery.

By working closely with doctors in the field of veterinary medicine, we stay on the cutting edge of technology with our instruments and implants for animals.

From basic instruments such as scissors, needle holders, forceps and clamps to specialized instruments for neurosurgery and ophthalmology to implants for orthopedic procedures, you can find it all here. Our new TTA PLUS series is ideal for treating cruciate ligament tears and takes veterinary medicine to a new level.
Convince yourself of the variety and quality of DIMEDA products from Tuttlingen.

We are looking forward to helping you with our solutions in veterinary medicine!