Vascular and Thoracic Surgery

Close-up of instruments for vascular and thoracic surgery

Explore our wide variety of surgical scissors, hemostatic forceps, and many other surgical tools for the vascular and thoracic surgery. DIMEDA provides not only instruments featuring precision craftsmanship and long service life. Our products provide the utmost reliability with maximum quality. Durability, optimal performance, practical and safe handling are what distinguishes our products from all the rest. In addition to the numerous surgical scissors used to open the thorax during conventional surgical procedures, we also offer a large selection of MIC instruments for minimally invasive thoracic procedures. Discover the premium-quality products at DIMEDA!

Vascular and thoracic surgery with DIMEDA surgical instruments

DIMEDA offers a broad range of premium-quality surgical instruments for vascular and thoracic surgery. In addition to a large selection of surgical scissors for various applications, we provide all the basic instruments you need for successful vascular and thoracic surgery. From A as in arterial forceps (hemostatic forceps) to W for wound spring retractors, you can find complete instrumentation for every operating room.

For particularly delicate procedures involving the vascular system, we also offer a variety of micro instruments. Among the surgical scissors, you will find SuperCut scissors, vascular scissors and suture scissors in various sizes which cover all the areas of thoracic surgery. Customers across the globe put their trust in DIMEDA instruments. We provide medical technology from Tuttlingen manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

Surgical scissors and hemostatic forceps from DIMEDA for vascular and thoracic surgery

For diverse vascular and thoracic surgery applications, DIMEDA offers an impressive portfolio with its broad selection of surgical scissors. For opening the thoracic area, we offer a wide range of excellent thoracic and rib scissors. Premium-quality dissecting scissors for blunt procedures as well as suture scissors in various sizes and designs can be found in our product assortment.

Among the vascular scissors, you will also find special scissors for defined applications. Our broad assortment of surgical scissors encompasses all types of SuperCut scissors. SuperCut scissors are designed for high precision procedures involving highly sensitive tissue structures. In particular, the sharp cutting blades allow the scissors to glide smoothly through the tissue virtually eliminating any tissue damage. The micro-serrated blade prevents slipping when making the incision. SuperCut scissors guarantee complete control and precise incisions.

For vascular surgery, DIMEDA offers hemostatic forceps in various designs and for a variety of applications. We offer special hemostatic forceps in various models.

You will also find clamps for many other purposes. Here, you will find the clamp you need!

Vascular and thoracic surgery with precision instruments from DIMEDA

Together with a large selection of surgical scissors and hemostatic forceps essential for many operations involving the vascular system, we offer a variety of other indispensable precision instruments required for procedures in the thoracic region and abdominal cavity. The bone instruments include rib spreaders and dissectors as well as bone rongeurs, flat nose pliers and bone holding forceps.

Our product range comprises a variety of instruments for surgical procedures in the abdominal region as well as special abdominal retractors and abdominal spatulas. DIMEDA also provides any accessories that may still be missing from your instrumentation. Dilatators for various organs, button probes for exploring tissue and wound cavities, ligature catchers, as well as suctioning tubes and appurtenant tubing holders are just a few examples of the DIMEDA product range.

Combined with our many years of experience and top quality instruments, we have obtained satisfied customers all around the world. We to support you with our premium-quality surgical instruments and medical technology in all fields of surgery. Please contact us!