Plastic Surgery

Close-up of instruments for plastic surgery

State-of-the-art plastic surgery with DIMEDA Surgical Instruments

Plastic surgery incorporates aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. DIMEDA provides a broad range of surgical instruments for both branches of plastic surgery. As a leading manufacturer of medical technology, our product range consists of more than 23,000 basic insturments. We also supply special instruments which meet the requirements of the latest technology standards. Our surgical instruments are subject to strict quality management. We emphasize precise craftsmanship, durability and outstanding functionality. With the reliable precision instruments from DIMEDA, you can achieve the best results in the field of plastic surgery.

Aesthetic surgery often involves surgical operations in the breast and facial regions as well as body contouring procedures. Nowadays, cosmetic corrective procedures can be conducted on virtually every body part, and plastic surgery encompasses a variety of surgical branches. Instruments from all surgical specialities are used, including special instruments used in bone or soft tissue surgery. All types of implant systems may be utilised. Whether for face lifting, breast reduction or breast augmentation, liposuction or abdominoplasty, DIMEDA provides premium-quality instruments for all “cosmetic surgery” applications. Minimally invasive techniques play an essential role in minimising the potential for scarring.

Reconstructive surgery restores function and the normal appearance of body parts. For deformities resulting from birth, accidents or medical conditions such as cancer, procedures can be conducted to correct skin, muscles, tendons, bones cartilage and nerves. In addition to basic insturments, reconstructive surgery also requires special instruments from the fields of neurosurgery and microsurgery as well as various implants. Atraumatic surgical techniques are particularly crucial in such cases. DIMEDA provides highly developed medical technology for microsurgical soft tissue operations for all plastic surgery applications.

Plastic Surgery: Mammoplasty and Face Lifting

DIMEDA offers the highest-quality special instruments for plastic surgery involving the breast region. Whether breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast reconstruction, you can find exactly the right instruments needed for perfect mammoplasty. The DIMEDA portfolio contains breast markers, vernier callipers and callipers as well as breast dissectors, breast elevators and spatulas. With the highly developed instruments from DIMEDA, you can achieve the most accurate results. Cosmetic surgeons across the globe rely on the excellent functionality and reliability of our plastic surgical instruments.

For face lifting and facial reconstruction, we provide various instruments that enable gentle surgical procedures. In addition to face lifting markers, facial flap grasping forceps, and markers, we provide retractors and nasal retractors in various models. The tongue blades with an integrated light source allow the surgeon to examine the tissue while blood or fluid is suctioned at the same time. Discover the quality of DIMEDA today. Our precision instruments will put a smile on every face.

Plastic Surgery: Infiltration and Liposuction

For body contouring surgery, DIMEDA offers premium-quality for liposuction, piston-driven pumps, plastic syringes and various hollow needles such as liposuction needles or needls for infiltration. The instruments are suitable for facial and body regions. Liposuction is also a minimally invasive procedure. Small hollow needls are inserted into the tissue, and water is injected until the fat cells burst and can be suctioned. Extracted fat cells can be used to inject into skin or lips and to improve the appearance of wrinkles or body contours. DIMEDA offers high-quality instruments suitable for these procedures. Customers all over the world put their trust in our plastic surgical instruments. You can be one of them!