Close-up of endoscopes for minimally invasive procedures

Instruments for endoscopy from DIMEDA

DIMEDA offers a broad spectrum of endoscopic instruments for minimally invasive surgery of various specialised disciplines. Whether for exploratory or therapeutic procedures, we provide endoscopy for a variety of applications. To ensure successful procedures, premium-quality endoscopic instruments are vital. We offer the latest technologies and designs in the field of endoscopy.

Our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and optimal craftsmanship. The highly developed optics and convenient handling of the endoscope enable precision work. Endoscopic instruments for laryngoscopy, laparoscopy or arthroscopy are also available along with special instruments for neuroendoscopy, urology or gynaecology.

With more than 40 years of experience in medical technology, DIMEDA provides innovative solutions for modern endoscopicsurgery. In addition to the many standard instruments, you will find endoscopic instruments for special operations as well as the necessary endoscopic accessories. Discover the diversity of our products!

Areas of applications for endoscopic instruments

Endoscopy is a procedure in which hollow organs or cavities of the body are examined for pathologies using endoscopic instruments. A distinction is made between diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy for these types of minimally invasive techniques. Diagnostic endoscopy is applied during routine examinations. Images of organs are created.

At the same time, tissue samples can be removed using biopsy forceps. Therapeutic or operative endoscopy also apply curative procedures. For this “keyhole surgery”,endoscopic instruments are used to carry out procedures in the interior of hollow organs. Not only diverse grasping forceps are required, but also microsurgical scissors or cauters are needed. Depending on the discipline, flexible or rigid endoscopes are used.

The product range from DIMEDA features a large selection of flexible endoscopes for nasopharyngoscopy, bronchoscopy, gastroduodenoscopy or colonoscopy procedures. We also offer a variety of rigid endoscopic optical systems for laryngoscopy, laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, arthroscopy and neuroendoscopy.

In addition to endoscopes, we provide the corresponding accessories such as insufflators, suction and irrigating devices, light sources and light guides as well as endoscope adapters and endoscope holders.

Product diversity for endoscopic instruments

Endoscopic instruments from DIMEDA comprise endoscopes for urological and gynaecological procedures as well as thoracoscopic or laparoscopic< instruments. In addition, we offer surgical instruments for neuroendoscopy, endoscopic vascular surgery, laryngoscopy and arthroscopy. The range of products covers operation procedures in all specialised surgical fields. All endoscopes are characterised by their robustness, longevity as well as optimal cleaning properties.

Premium-quality wide-angle lenses offer different lines of sight, enabling effective operation. The endoscopic optical systems generate premium-quality images with the highest resolution allowing you to see even the smallest detail while providing an excellent overview of the operation field.

In addition to the endoscopic devices, we also offer essential endoscopic accessories, for example, highly-flexible light guide cables with a high transmission that provides optimal illumination during the procedures. With the insufflators from DIMEDA, controlled expansion of body cavities can be achieved. State-of-the-art technology provides you with the overview of gas consumption, pressure and flow rate.

Individual configurations are possible. Endoscope adapters allow the combination of the various components such as light source, endoscope and light guide. They can be interconnected with a PC or monitor as well as with a camera. In addition, we provide endoscope holders for proper storage of the endoscopic instruments on a trolley or at separate storage locations.

As with all surgical processes, the highest level of instrument reliability and simple, flexible handling is crucial. DIMEDA offers endoscopic instruments with state-of-the-art technology for precise and individual operation.