Close-up of drills and saws for surgical procedures

Customers across the globe swear by the DIMEDA instruments. For over 40 years, we have supplied medical practices and clinics with our surgical instruments. You too, can benefit from the innovative technologies from all surgical fields. With the diMAGNI5 power tools, orthopaedic procedures become a walk in the park. Powerful lithium-ionic batteries ensure continuous and smooth operation. Because of the convenient handling, which enables you to switch between the tools easily, you can focus completely on your surgical procedures without all the stress.

diMAGNI5 power tools from DIMEDA Instrumente – orthopaedic surgery at the next level

The new series of diMAGNI5 power tools from DIMEDA Instrumente offers reliable, highly-developed machinery for orthopaedic surgical applications and trauma surgical procedures. The series, consisting of five power tools, was designed for the daily application in surgical clinics. The product range comprises one surgical drill and one drill and ream machine, two oscillating saws, and one sternum saw including a motor unit suitable for all five devices. These highly-developed devices withstand long-term applications without any difficulties. The power tools from DIMEDA Instrumente take orthopaedic surgery in your clinic to the next level!

diMAGNI5 power tools from DIMEDA Instrumente: Innovation and convenience

The power tools from DIMEDA Instrumente are not only extremely powerful and promise an extraordinary long operating time and service life, but they also are lightweight and feature an ergonomic design. Thanks to the troublefree handling of all the units, surgical procedures can be carried out efficiently in the operating room. The battery is compatible with all devices with no need for sterilisation. The sterile attachment allows it glides effortlessly into the power tool. The motor unit recognises the device and adjusts to its performance. The operation mode and speed can be manually adjusted on the surgical drill or saws. The drills and saws can be operated in two modes and achieve a rotational output of 1000 to 10.000 rpm depending on the device.

DIMEDA Instrumente aims at providing you with the best experience with powerful and innovative power tools. Discover our newest technologies and take your work to the next level. With our power tools, no bone is too hard, and the energy you need in the operating room is significantly lowered. A wide range of accessories is available for power tools. In addition to the charging device for the power pack, DIMEDA offers special oil spray, a cleaning brush set, various saw blades and twist drill bits, a rinsing set with an adapter as well as a sterile funnel.

DIMEDA Instrumente – proven medical technology from Tuttlingen

Our power tools provide innovative technology to impress any surgeon. Our goal is to support you in your daily work with outstanding medical technology by providing you with practical and straightforward solutions to help you achieve the best possible results. In addition to our premium-quality power tools and specialised tools, we offer a wide selection of DIMEDA instruments for all surgical applications. Discover a wide range of DIMEDA products. Quality, state-of-the-art products are the hallmarks of DIMEDA Instrumente. Premium-quality craftsmanship, application-related functionality and practical design are only a few of the benefits our many surgical instruments have to offer.