Close-up of instruments for microsurgery

Instruments for microsurgery

Microsurgery demands maximum precision. For surgeries in various fields of application, we offer microsurgical instruments of the highest quality. In addition to the basic instruments that are indispensable in any operating room, our assortment of products includes microsurgical instruments for bone surgery, micro instruments for delicate work using a microscope, instruments for high-frequency surgery, as well as instruments for retracting, holding, suctioning and flushing.

Details are crucial when it comes to microsurgery. Instruments for microsurgery must meet high standards of quality. At the same time, they should provide convenient handling coupled with a high degree of functionality for the specific application. DIMEDA offers a broad assortment of microsurgical instruments with advanced technology for professional use. In regards to shape, size and handles, we offer a large selection of various models. We provide precisely the right instrument tailored to the surgical techniques of the individual surgeon.

General instrumentation

Solid basic instrumentation is indispensable in any operating room. We offer a wide range of instruments that are used during every operation. This basic set includes instruments such as scalpel holders and blades, blade breakers, needle holders, anatomical and surgical and forceps, surgical scissors and hemostatic forceps that you can find in various models in our catalogue.

Micro instruments

Micro instruments, for delicate and precise procedures have extremely fine tips. In addition to micro needle holders, scissors, forceps, and probes, the user will also find clip systems for the micro surgical treatment of aneurysms.

High-frequency surgery

High-frequency surgery operates with alternating current that is used for coagulation and cutting. Electrosurgical devices such as scalpels and cautery as well as monopolar and bipolar instruments are used to stop bleeding and cut tissue effectively.

Microsurgical instruments for retracting, holding and suctioning

Spring retractors, distractors, retractors, and spatulas are just as indispensable as scalpels and needle holders. These microsurgical instruments enable optimum access to the surgical area. Suction tubes of different varieties ensure precise suctioning of flushing solutions.