DIMEDA Surgical Instruments – Medical technology at the highest level

For over 40 years, DIMEDA has been a worldwide provider of premium-quality medical technology. We work closely together with surgeons from the corresponding specialised fields to develop our medical technology and therefore, we understand the individual needs of our customers.

The DIMEDA product assortment covers all areas of surgery, from general instrumentation to microsurgical instruments and instruments for high-frequency surgery. DIMEDA instruments are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards. Outstanding functionality and longevity are the hallmarks of the surgical instruments from DIMEDA.

Surgical techniques require the highest degree of precision. Thanks to their simple and flexible handling, our products support your performance. With over 23,000 standard instruments, we offer various designs. Replaceable handles allow for accurate instrument use in every situation. You can find the right product for your needs among our quality products.

DIMEDA – Surgical Instruments provides innovative technologies in all general surgical fields, bone surgery, microsurgery, plastic surgery, oral surgery, vascular surgery as well as electrosurgery and endoscopy.


Open Gynecology Catalog by Dimeda Surgical Instruments

Relaunch Endoscopy

Discover our latest catalogs for gynecology, urology, laparoscopy and endoscopic devices and convince yourself of the wide range of our products in the field of endoscopy.

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Image brochure

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the company Dimeda Instrumente GmbH, we are pleased to present you our new image brochure.

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Company Profile Brochure by Dimeda Surgical Instruments
Close-up of surgical instruments for arthroscopy


With the help of our products in the field of arthroscopy, minimally invasive operations on joints are no longer a problem. Whether for the knee, the hip or the shoulder – we have the appropriate instruments for almost every procedure. In combination with our high-quality endoscopes, fine and precise arthroscopic procedures can be performed.

Convince yourself of our product variety!

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A new generation of surgical instruments

Anti-reflection and scratch resistance have an increasingly important role in surgical instrument surfaces.
For our new range of surgical instruments, we have applied a high-quality coating that meets all these requirements.

Close-up of black scissors and clamps for surgical procedures
Close-up of plates and screws for osteosynthesis


For complicated bone fractures, the correct plates and screws are crucial to ensure a successful healing process. Dimeda offers the appropriate solutions for the operative treatment of bone fractures.

Our selection of implant systems is biocompatible and exhibits a high degree of stability and reliable durability. From mini to small and large fragment systems: we offer everything needed for bone surgery. Thanks to the highest quality and precision craftsmanship, combined with our suitable instrumentation, you can achieve perfection.

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Premium-quality instruments for all surgical fields

Bone surgery is a significant field of surgery. A vast number of instruments fall into this category. DIMEDA offers all standard instruments from this field. Among other things, we provide respirators, elevators, bone levels and bone saws. In addition, you will find special instruments for osteosynthesis with the most common implants such as plates, screws and wires. With the osteosynthesis sets from DIMEDA bone fractures can be treated optimally and deformities can be corrected.

Premium-quality materials made of surgical steel and titanium ensure a low infection rate with virtually no irritation of the surrounding tissue. With the instruments from DIMEDA, you will always be on the safe side. Your know-how combined with our premium-quality products guarantee optimum patient care.

We do not just providebone surgical instruments. DIMEDA provides medical technology for all surgical fields and speciality areas. Discover our broad assortment of products and page through our catalogue. We will gladly answer any of your questions concerning our products. Our competent customer consultants are pleased to assists with their technical knowledge..

DIMEDA offers technology solutions at the highest level. Satisfied customers across the globe put their trust in our products. Through close cooperation with our customers, we continue to develop ourselves and move forward. Together with you, we create innovative solutions for the medical-technical demands of the next generation.

DIMEDA instruments. Quality products save lives

The development, manufacturing and testing of our medical products is achieved through highly-modern processes. Qualified specialists ensure the consistent, high quality of our products. A unique quality management system creates premium-quality surgical instruments for an excellent performance. At DIMEDA, you will find the right instrumentation for your requirements. Medical technology from Tuttlingen promises the highest quality. Customers around the globe are impressed with our first-class products. Many years of experience and know-how are the trademarks of our company.

provides robust and long-lasting instruments for all surgical applications. The instruments are corrosion-free and easy to clean and they can withstand frequent cleaning and sterilization processes. With us, you will find surgical instruments with high quality paired with attractive prices. Improve the quality of life of your patients and save lives with DIMEDA surgical instruments.