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With the new diMAGNI5 PowerTool series, we offer you a reliable partner for the areas of orthopaedics and trauma surgery, for the daily hospital business.
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… DIMEDA Surgical Instruments

Since more than 40 years, DIMEDA Surgical Instruments offers and supplies medical solutions for nearly all surgical specialties worldwide. This is also reflected in our company philosophy: there are no problems, only solutions. We do not only commit ourselves to quality, but also count on our experience, and above all on the trust of our partners.



In severe bone fractures, the appropriate plates and screws are essential to ensure a promising healing process. Dimeda offers you the right solutions for the surgical treatment of bone fractures.

Our wide range of implant systems is biocompatible and offers high stability and reliable loading capacity. From mini to small to large fragment systems: we offer everything that is of elementary importance for bone surgery. Thanks to the highest quality and precise workmanship – in combination with our suitable instruments – you can bring your work to perfection.

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Dimeda Surgical Instruments - Anbieter von Chirurgischen Instrumenten - Mund-Kiefer-Gesichts Chirurgie

Cranio-maxillo-facial surgery

We propose all instruments needed for operations in OMF Surgery. We are your reliable partner in Plastic and OMF Surgery. Our wide choice of products ranges from plates and screws, via distractors up to high-frequency devices, and makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

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New level of surgical instruments

Anti-reflection and scratch resistance have an increasingly important role in surgical instrument surfaces.

For our new range of surgical instruments, we have applied a high quality coating that meets all these requirements.

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Dimeda Surgical Instruments - Anbieter von Chirurgischen Instrumenten - diBlack-Line

diMAGNI5 - V2

Above all, our PowerTools of the new diMAGNI5 series impress with a more ergonomic design, an improved locking mechanism and a simpler preparation. Powered by powerful lithium-ion batteries and in combination with our matching accessories, our PowerTools are indispensable in orthopaedics and trauma surgery. Get a picture of the effortless and low-fatigue use of our diMAGNI5 PowerTools, which are unrivalled on the market.

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